Club Meetings

Meetings are held monthly at members’ houses or local businesses. Guests are welcome, and we hope you’ll keep coming back!  Contact Us for more details.

Next Gathering

Our Annual Holiday Beer/Food Match will be hosted by Lynn and Kevin in Raceland, KY
When: December 2nd.  Please, note the earlier starting time of 4 pm.

Below is the blank menu for everyone to fill in. Please notify Jane of what you plan to bring so she can update the menu.

If you haven’t been to this event before, please email Jane and she will give you more details about the event and what to expect.  The number in parenthesis after each course is the typical number of different dishes we have for that course.  That number changes often.

Gift Exchange: We will be doing the gift exchange (or wrestling match) again this year.   Just bring a beer or brewing related gift or any cool gift that cost around $15.  Make sure it is wrapped or in a bag or disguised in some way so that no one can tell what it is. We will place all of the gifts on a table and use a raffle to decide the order that we choose gifts.  If you bring a gift, you will get to choose a gift.

Prizes: We will have prizes for the Best Homebrew, Best Food and Best Beer/Food Match.

Remember: Starting Time:  4 pm.

Please contact Jane for directions.


Aperitif (1)

Appetizers (3)

Soup (2)

Salad (2)

Palate Cleanser (1)

Jonna and Wayne / Sherbet and Fruity Beer Floats

Meat Entrée (2)

Vegetable Entrée (2)

Desserts (3)

Digestif (1)

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