GHHA Appetizers and Desserts Beer/Food Match 2018

Thanks to Sue and John for hosting our annual Appetizers and Desserts Beer and Food Match on Saturday.  The afternoon started sunny and dry, so some folks took a dip in the pool.  A thunderstorm halted the water fun around 4 pm, but that was OK, since we had plenty of tasty food and beer indoors.  We had 5 appetizer matches and 4 dessert matches plus some extra food and few extra beers. Our final menu is below.
After everyone presented their dishes and beers, we voted on our favorites.  The winner of Best Homebrew was Dave with his New England Style Brown Ale.  The winners of Best Food were the family trio (soon to be a quartet) of Amanda, Doug and Calvin.  Finally, the winner of Best Beer and Food Match went to Jenna with her Mexican Fried Ice Cream matched with a Breakfast Stout.
Thanks again to our hosts and to everyone for bringing such great food and beer.  See you at the next meeting at Maple Lawn Brewing on September 1.
Wayne / Spicy Sausage Dip / California Common
Beckie and Geoff / Bacon Cheddar Jalapeno Poppers / Citra Pale Ale
Doug, Amanda and Calvin / Louisville Hot Brown-Style Sliders / Reformation Brewing’s Cadence Belgian Dubbel
Linda and Jim / Wings with Roasted Pineapple Habanero Sauce/ Southern Tier IPA
Sue and John / Pupusas / Irish Ale
Jane and Dave / Chocolate Mint Sunflower Seed Nutbutter Cookies / New England Brown Ale
Adrianne and Mike / Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies and Coconut Bars / Cocoa Porter
Jim / Mini Cheesecake Bites / Rogue Chocolate Stout and Lindeman’s Strawberry lambic
Jenna / Mexican Fried Ice Cream / Breakfast Stout
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Making Beer at Maple Lawn Brewing 2018 (draft)

The club was invited to brew at Maple Lawn Brewing on Saturday July the 21st, 2018.

Jane, I need some write up here.

Here’s a slideshow of the event.

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Ohio Homebrew Competition 2018 – Charles Bockway

Charles had a post outlining the Ohio Homebrew Competition recently held in Athens.  You may access his blog here:

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Holiday Beer Food Match 2017

Thank you so much to Lynn and Kevin for hosting our annual holiday beer and food match dinner.  If you missed it, just look at the menu below at what you missed.  Yum!  The group photo is after the menu.
We had our annual gift exchange (aka wrestling match).  The gifts most stolen were 12 packs of craft beers.
We voted on winners again this year:
Best Homebrew = Geoff’s Hefeweizen
Best Food = Lynn and Kevin’s turkey tetrazzini
Best Beer and Food Match = Amanda and Doug’s candied bacon cheeseburger bites matched with Great Lakes Eliot Ness amber ale
Congratulations to all of the winners.  Hope to see everyone at the next meeting, which we will schedule as soon as someone volunteers to host.
Cheers and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Hannah and Shane / Goat Cheese with Crackers / Abita Bourbon Street Chocolate Stout
Lynn and Kevin / Hot Apple Cider
Jane and Dave / Mixed Nuts plus Cheese and Crackers
Amanda and Doug / Candied Bacon Cheeseburger Bites / Great Lakes Eliot Ness Amber Ale
Jonna and Wayne / Cranberry and Brie Pastries / Rauchbier
Beckie and Geoff / Chicken and Rice Soup / Hefeweizen
Sue and John / Beer and Cheese Soup / IPA
Palate Cleanser
Jonna and Wayne / Sherbert and Fruity Beer Floats
Meat Entree
Lynn and Kevin / Turkey Tetrazzini / Vulcan Stout
Vegetable Entrees
Sue and John / Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms / Pale Ale
Cathy and Allen / Sweet Potato Casserole / Vienna Lager
Jane and Dave / Buckeye Turtle Pecan Brownies / Robust Porter
Cathy and Allen / Peanut Butter Pie / Double Chocolate Stout
Jane and Dave / Restoration Brew Worx Peach and Cinnamon Winter Ale

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June and July Meeting 2017

Hi All,
If you missed the last two GHHA meetings you’ve missed a lot!
We had more food than we could possibly eat.  We also had a great selection of craft beers and homebrews.  Plus you missed some non-human new friends.  Matt has a bee hive and Danae has an adorable ferret.
Next meeting will be hosted by Sue and John, a pool party, come join us, you never who or what you’ll meet.
Please check the next Meeting tab for more information!
Photos from Ben and Denae:
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2017 Annual Spring Appetizers and Desserts Beer and Food Match

What’s better than beer?  Beer matched with  delicious food!
Thanks to Wayne and Jonna for hosting the GHHA Annual Spring Appetizers and Desserts Beer and Food Match Meeting on April 22. We had a great turnout with more food than most people could eat.
Two starter matches began the evening followed by 7 appetizers with beer matches.  After everyone was full, we began the desserts with beer matches. Seven of those matches finished the evening with pleasantly stuffed club members.
We all voted for our favorites and the winners were:
Best Homebrew – Ron’s Barleywine;
Best Beer and Appetizer Match: Matt / Honey Balsamic Roasted Cherries with Goat Cheese / Cuvee Renee
Best Beer and Desert Match: Danae and Ben / Blackberry and Mint Brownie Parfait / Porter
Best Food Tie: Jonna and Wayne / Apple and Cheese Pastries And Charles / Currywurst Bites

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2016 Annual Holiday Beer and Food Match

Thanks to Lynn and Kevin for hosting the GHHA Annual Holiday Beer and Food Match last night.  We had 23 people attend with 16 beer/food matches plus the digestif.

Congratulations to Wayne for winning Best Homebrew with his Rauchbier.  Also congratulations to Geoff and Beckie for winning Best food with their Chicken Wonton Bites and Best Beer/Food Match with their Taco Casserole and Pale Ale.

The gift exchange (aka wrestling match) went very well.  Only a few gifts were wrestled from reluctant hands.
The final menu is listed below.
Danae and Ben / Roasted Cashews / Orange Blossom Mead
Beckie and Geoff / Chicken Wonton Bites / Hefeweizen
Jonna and Wayne / Buffalo Chicken Dip / Rauchbier
Charles / Cranberry Chicken Salad Roll / Cranberry Juice Cocktail-Spiked American Sour Ale
Ron / Cranberry Salad / Winter Fruit  American Wheat Beer
Linda and Jim / Corn Chowder / Founders Breakfast Stout and Dogfish Head Breakfast Stout
Palate Cleansers
Jane and Dave / Arcern from Little Fish Brewery
Wayne / Fu-ki Sake and Kobai Plum Sake
Meat Entree
Cindy and Roger / Stone Ground Mustard and Ginger Snaps Pork Roast / Chamomile Mead
Beckie and Geoff / Taco Casserole and Six Toppings / Pale Ale
Danae and Ben / French Onion Stuffed Meatballs / Scottish Wee Heavy
Lynn and Kevin / BBQ’d Beef Sliders with Slaw / Thunderstruck Porter
Vegetable Entree
Cathy and Allen / Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallow Topping  / Wild Trail Pale Ale
Sue and John / Chocolate Dipped Frozen Key Lime Pie Bites / West 6 Lemongrass American Wheat Beer
Jane and Dave / Frozen S’mores Bites / Oatmeal Stout
Amanda and Doug / Pretzel-Crusted Beer Fudge Cookies / English Barley Wine
Cindy / Guinness Stout Fudge
Lynn and Kevin / Spiced Apple Cider
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Big Brew 2016

Big Brew was hosted by Allen and Cathy again this year.

We had several participants and brewed about 20 gallons of beer and Jane make 5 gallons of cider.

Lots of food and a good time was had by all.  Looking forward to next year.

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Holiday Beer Food Match 2015

Thanks to Lynn and Kevin for hosting the Greater Huntington Homebrewers Association Annual Holiday Beer and Food Match again this year.  They decorated their home beautifully for this holiday event!

Holiday Beer Food Match 2015

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June “Brisket Heaven” Meeting

If you missed the June GHHA club meeting, you missed some delicious food, a great selection of craft and homebrew beer and fun company.  Brian took 3 days to slow smoke the brisket to perfection.  The brisket tips were presented first and were gone quickly.  The brisket was just as good.  Besides the succulent meat, we had many other delicious sides like potato salad, cheesy scalloped potatoes, quinoa salad, bacon wrapped and cheese stuffed jalapenos, jalapeno corn bread, black bean corn bread, black and gold dip, and two kinds of cheeses.

Brian and Jennifer will be hosting the July meeting as well.  This meeting promises to be just as tasty as the June meeting.   This time, Brian plans on slow smoking some pig.  The date will by July 18.  Start time and more details will be posted soon.

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