American Homebrew Association
The AHA organizes beer events around the country, publishes Zymurgy magazine, and offers many other resources and benefits for memebers.
Beer Judge Certification Program
The BJCP is a national organization that trains, tests, and certifies beer judges. Many GHHA members are BJCP-certified judges. Mountain Brewer Open is a BJCP-sanctioned competition.
Huge online resource with beer ratings by users and the Alstrom Brothers, forum, and community beer guides. Great magazine!
West Virginia Craft Beer Appreciation Society
A site dedicated to the state of craft beer in West Virginia, including beer laws, appreciation, and where to find good beer in the state. Run and contributed to by a cast of characters that includes some GHHAers.
Craft Beer Restaurant
Craft Beer Restaurant is an independent restaurant industry trade publication targeted to restaurant managers, food & beverage directors, chefs, and bar managers. It is designed to help restaurants maximize profits from the sales of craft beer. Run by GHHAer Charles Bockway
The Grape & Granary
Ships quickly, friendly service, and driving distance from Huntington if you want to make a trip.
Midwest Supplies
Great service, low prices, especially for hops. Very easy to deal with.
Northern Brewer
Large selection. $7.99 flat-rate shipping great for larger orders.
Homebrew Heaven
Smaller selection, but good prices and very easy to deal with. Interesting hop selection.
Local Joints
Ashland Beverage Centre (BeerAdvocate review)
Ashland, Kentucky
Great selection of beer, wine, liquor, and basic homebrew needs, especially equipment.
Leo’s Carry-Out (BeerAdvocate review)
South Point, Ohio
Eccentric selection of import and craft beers. Between ABC and Leo’s you get the best selection in the area. Leo’s is CASH ONLY.
Spirits, Etc.
Huntington, WV
Decent great liquor and wine selection. Good beer selection. Good prices overall.
Huntington, WV
Lots of live music, great beer selection.
Competitions and Festivals
Cincinnati Beerfest

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